Tuesday, December 18, 2012


The cancellation of the Bridgestone Winter Classic that was to be held in just over a months’ time at Michigan Stadium between The Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings caused much sadness with many of our hockey starved clients, Consultants and partners. But with misfortune arises opportunity.

We are pleased to announce that the Classic lives on! No, it’s not at an open air stadium that would set attendance records and it won’t feature a professional game between the Maple Leafs and Red Wings. The battle between the Leafs/Wings will be taken up by the fans over two days on Riverside Drive.

We are pleased to announce that we are hosting The Windsor Classic presented by Investors Group this December 28th and 29th between Ferry Street and Ouellette Avenue on Riverside Drive West. The Windsor Classic is a two day street hockey event for players aged 5 and up and all skill levels. Registered players and teams will choose to represent the Maple Leafs or Red Wings. There will be approximately 54 games being played over the course of the event. Each game is for fun and organized by age group. One cumulative score will be kept over the duration of the event between the Leafs and Wings.

Each registered participant will be required to donate a minimum of $10 to The Downtown Mission. However, everyone is encouraged to fundraise beyond the minimum for fantastic prizes to be revealed in the next coming weeks.

Players can register individually or register a full team. A full team consists of 8 players and a goalie. Registration of teams and players can be done through The Downtown Mission website: www.downtownmission.com.

Grab your fellow fans from your hockey team. Get your co-workers together to finally solve the water cooler Leafs/Wings battle. Parents organize a team for the neighbourhood kids or their minor hockey team. Let’s leave it all on the streets and support a great cause.

All proceeds from The Windsor Classic go to The Downtown Mission of Windsor.

Trevor Whaling, BBA
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